1. Only the person who is duly registered with the property can live in the hotel. Within the scope of the registration obligation, the accommodated person is obliged to submit a valid proof of identity (identity card or passport, or working permit). The guest will be enrolled in the accommodation records.
  2. Unless confirmed otherwise, every guest shall have the room reserved till 17,00 o′clock of the day of planned arrival.
  3. The accommodation is from 12,00 till 22,00 o′clock. At other times guests can be accommodated by prior arrangement.
  4. If not agreed prior otherwise, the guest has to check-out by 10,00 o′clock. If the guest leaves the room later or leaves his/her belongings here, the hotel reserves the right to clear the guest′s property in the presence of two hotel representatives and keep it in order for the room to be available for further reservation. In this case, the guest will be charged the next day of stay.
  5. Breakfast is served from 7,00 till 9,00 o′clock, unless otherwise agreed in advance.
  6. The guest is responsible for the electronic chip from the room and the entrance area. The guest is obliged to report the chip loss to the hotel immediately. In the event. Of failure to do so, the hotel is not responsible for the damage caused by the loss of the chip. For the lost chip, the guest is obliged to pay 1000 CZK.
  7. If the guest requires for the extension of his/her stay, another room may be offered than the one in which he/she was originally accommodated.
  8. The guest is obliged to observe safety, fire and hygiene regulations. In case of gross room pollution, a fee of 1000 CZK will be charge.
  9. Guests must not make changes, modifications, repairs, etc. In the rooms or other premises of the hotel without the consent of the hotel management.
  10. In the hotel premises and in the rooms, the guest may not use their own electrical appliances, except for personal hygiene appliances, personal computers and mobile phone chargers, without the permit of the hotel management.
  11. The hotel is not responsible for the things brought by the guest to the hotel and for damage to deferred items (jewelry, money and other valuables). The valuables and the larger amounts of money can be deposited in the hotel′s safe deposit box.
  12. All rooms and all other interior premises of the hotel are strictly non-smoking. It is strictly prohibited to make an open fire. If the prohibition is violated, the hotel is entitled to require a guest to pay a penalty of 1000 CZK and to compensate for all damages incurred.
  13. When leaving the room, the guest must turn off the water taps, close the windows, turn off the room lights, close the room door and hand in the room chip to the hotel.
  14. We kindly ask guests to keep quiet hours between 22,00 and 7,00 o′clock and not disturb others.
  15. Dogs and other pets may stay in the hotel after they have been approved by the property owner, subject to a valid price list and proof of the animal′s health.
  16. If a fire is detected, the guest is obliged to extinguish himself/herself and report it immediately on the phone number 150 and to the hotel management.
  17. The hotel, may, if desired, arrange a medical assistance or transport to a hospital for a guest who is ill or injured.
  18. For accommodation and provided services the guest is obliged to pay the prices in accordance with the valid price list, usually at the end of the stay. The price list of accommodation and services is available at the hotel and on the hotel′s website. Guests are obliged to abide by these rules and regulations. If the Accommodation Rules are breached, the hotel management has the right to terminate the guest′s stay prior to the originally agreed leaving date.


Jan Szepeši, Hotel Manager +420 776 806 422

Restaurace a hotel U Koníčka +420 384 420 747


Emergency calls:

SOS 112

Fire Department 150

Medical service rescue 155

Police 158

City Police 156


Dačice 1. 5. 2018

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