history of square

The U Koníčka hotel follows very old tradition of a former carmen inn, as you can guess from its name. There used to be the stables for horses and carmen´ carriages. The inn stayed at the crossing of roads leading through Dačice, and so the rich visit of carmen was ensured.

In the 20s of the 20th century there used to live the owner of the stage, the innkeeper and the butcher, named Hoffman. In 1929 "The Society for Establishing and Keeping the Catholic House" bought a part of the house and later on the inn served a few other keepers, for instance the entrepreneur Jan Skoda, Prikryl the butcher and in 1937 the members of the catholic society decided to build up new facilities for their cultural and social activities. For this reason it was erected The Catholic House in 1938 in Masarykova street and its construction has touched namely the set of the house yard.

In 1945 there was the butcher´s, then the inn. In the late 70s the inn was closed and the whole structure was demolished in 1989. After the communist regime fall first there they opened a new restaurant and later a clothes shop.

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